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Term Paper on Nestle Company Essay Example

Term Paper on Nestle Company Essay Submission of term paper on Nestle Company Dear Madam, The term paper at your hand is a report on Nestle Company. You assigned us to prepare this task as the part of this course requirement. While writing this term paper we have tried our best to follow your instruction given in class. This term paper will fulfill the requirements of the course and help us to learn the practical experience of preparing a term paper.We sincerely hope that this term paper will meet your expectations and it’s explanation will demonstrate our ability to prepare a term paper. This term paper has been prepared by us for the first time and also within a short time, for this reason there might be some errors. If you find any such errors in this term paper we apologize for that. We hope this term paper will be up to the level of your satisfaction and open to provide any clarification on this term paper. Sincerely yours AcknowledgementWe are very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave us the opportunity, c ourage and insight to explore more knowledge to complete this whole and for his blessings that have brightened in all parts of our lives and our parents whose prayers always supported us in every task. It is a great opportunity for us to write on a subject like â€Å"Marketing Strategy Of Nestle Company†. At the time of writing this term paper we had gone through many books n websites which helped us to easily get acquainted with this new topic. We were actually focusing on the topics which were easy for us to understand the subject.We acknowledge with great gratitude to the senior lecturer Kashfia Ahmed our respective teacher, who has always been helpful in making us understand different systems of how to create this term paper. We thank our team partners for their participation towards writing this term paper. We also thank all the people who directly and indirectly helped to finish this term paper. Table Of Content Introduction Page: 01 Company Profile Page: 03 Marketing M ix Page: 04 Segmentation Page: 12 Targeting Page: 17Positioning Page: 22 Conclusion Page: 37 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nestle is undoubtedly one of the most proficient food company all over the world. The employees at Nestle have finagled to retain their standards to the most high-pitched level possible in the market. They make sure of the fact that the products of Nestle are definitely the BEST TO USE. Nestle has an assortment of products to offer and they all are the best of their types. For this project our main concern was to study the strategies followed by Nestle in regard to the marketing strategy.We got some information from internet about the overall history and background of the company. We tried to cover all the main aspects of our course starting from some basic concepts to the complex ones. Now days for any company to progress in the market its marketing strategies are of supreme importance and that is the reason we opted for Nestle to try and recognize what exceptions they wer e doing to maintain their top position in the market. In Finding and Analysis we have described the marketing techniques observed at Nestle and then also did our analysis on these observed techniques.

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Hrm Current Practices Essays

Hrm Current Practices Essays Hrm Current Practices Essay Hrm Current Practices Essay Presenting Author: Prof. Bhavesh B. Pandya. Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR), Near Asia School, Drive-in Road, Ahmedabad. E-mail: prof. [emailprotected] co. in, [emailprotected] com. Theme: The prime objective of HRM is to have highly committed, talented, and happy workers in organization. There is shifting change in the importance of basic input that requires in business activity. Four basic inputs are as under. a)Man, b)Machine, c)Material, d)Money, e)Land. If we go through the post industrial revolution era then it’s clearly seen that firstly great importance was given to money, then machinery, material. But in today’s time period if we go through the present scenario then ‘Man’ is considered as most important input and playing vital role in success of overall business affairs. The difference between wining company and losing company is difference among their employees. The justification of this statement lies in the Mahabharata war. Kaurava were very much powerful in comparison with the Pandava, though the Pandavas were winner. Why Pandavas won that war? The answer is people that they were having. People with dedication, courage, commitments, ethics and tactics too. And another strong reason behind it was people with vision. All the company can go for the same machinery, latest machinery, tools, equipments, materials, plan, organization, whatever the rival firms have but they cannot go for the same kind of people. I firmly believe in one thing that Human resource is the one of the most important function of management as it is very difficult to manage and that’s why it is important now a day. And this is the only live resource that we can see in the business firm. And as it is live resource it has some unique aspect in comparison with other physical resources. The important one is that human have emotions, they sense the things, compare the things, and expects for what they contribute. Just before couple of days back it was there in ‘The Times of India’ that what required now a days in business. 85% social / human skill is required and only 15 % technical skill is required to be effective at work place. This particular article reveals that today’s employees are more sensitive and emotional one. So, they must be handling with care. I read in one book i. e. The Honey Bee, it was written in this way, ‘Workers are like flowers. They have to be gently and delicately handled. A flower will not attain it its full grandeur unless it is allowed to blossom fully. Workers too would not be able to reach their full heights of efficiency unless they are also allowed to blossom fully. If employees are most satisfied then they can put their heart in doing work and can take the firm at the apex too. And here employee satisfaction is more important in getting desired organizational effectiveness. So, the point is that talented, committed, and skilled employees must be preserved for long lasting profitability organization. And for this management must satisfy their employees, work more on giving feedback on their performance, keep motivating them and always lead them whenever they required, allow them to put forwards their ideas and suggestions and provide opportunity to work on the sam e. So, here management people should go through that what their employees actually expect from them and not what they know about their expectation (Chart no: 1). And this kind of process will result into the highest degree of satisfaction among them as management is acting as per their point of expectation. And this satisfaction will help in charging up them for all time in all different work whenever assigned to them. Even happy employee can put more efforts then a dissatisfied one. Here below is the table that gives clear insight into the picture of what employees want and what managers think employees want. Chart 1. What employees want what managers think employees want.

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Obesity and Physical Activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Obesity and Physical Activity - Essay Example In fact, of a recent study done on city ranking, which ranks some of the largest metro areas against each-other, the Twin Cities ranked 46 out of 46 for levels of deaths associated with Heart Disease. The actual count comes down to 109 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to the number 1 city (which is Detroit) having 236.4 heart disease deaths per 100,000 people 2. There are multiple reasons why the levels are so low, but probably one of the largest reasons has to be the low levels of air pollution and the emphasis on physical activity within the Metro Area. Many schools across the metro have been cracking down on teaching students about physical activity, and often there is not much else to do in the winter time anyway. A lot of people love to take walks early in the morning to get used to the cold so that it doesn't bother them throughout the rest of the day. Not only that, but the community has become strongly involved in the spread of information about obesity and physical activity. In fact, there is a number you can call to hook up with Health Partners in the Twin Cities and speak about obesity as well as request several documents and fliers to hand out to people. Health Partners also offers educational training courses and public announcements as well through this hot-line.

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Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Business Plan - Essay Example It will be registered on the Business Bureau as a partnership business. I and my partner will be both managing partners. We will hire few employees that will be assigned to deliver forecasted volume of orders. Our express dry cleaning service will cater customers on various services related to dry cleaning such as laundry and garment alteration that will be delivered door-to-door using a business van. Door-to-door delivery can attract more clients to use our service because it is more convenient to them. In the long run, we can attract more customers and get higher volume of orders. Competitors on the business location are currently providing one-stop services, so we have seen a great potential. Employees are our number one targeted customers for this express dry cleaning service. As per observation, employees are always in a hurry – unfinished paper works or urgent meetings. Next to our list are employers and self-employed individuals like working Mom and Dad on the comfort o f their living room. This people might have too much on their plates that they cannot able to dry clean their clothes and garments all by themselves – hence, they need us who can deliver a quality service in an express way. In addition, our customers have two options for payments – cash on delivery or monthly billing. ... Instead of just using our services once, they most likely will consider making us their regular express dry cleaning service provider because of the payment convenience. Quality is king. We believe on that, and we will never compromise quality with quantity. As an express dry cleaning service provider, we will ensure that our delivery will be always on the time frame. We also plan to provide extra services for our customers who exceed a certain amount of kilos per dry cleaning. We will also offer discounts to customers who can refer their family, friends, office mates or neighbors to our dry cleaning establishment. Providing a quality services together with exciting freebies like the referral program can attract more customers to use our service. Our top rated service will yield repeat orders in higher volume, more referral, and customer patronage in the long run! We will stand strong with our goal to over deliver and give a guarantee to customer satisfaction. More so, our sales fore cast over the first year is ? 40,680 and we believe that it will increase in the next business years. Our projection of the net profit for the first year is good enough to continue operation, and we expect the same and much better projection in the coming years to come. The Reason to Open the Business in London As stated above, working individuals are in a hurry every single business day. Urban dwellers are working to thrive. People come and go from their homes to their respective offices or work places to perform various job assignments and 24/7 has become too short for them to do household chores like dry cleaning. There is a huge market potential for our express dry cleaning service, and our feasibility

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Management Accounting (performance indication, product and service Essay

Management Accounting (performance indication, product and service costing, budgeting) - Essay Example Product and service costing analysis will clear out the unnecessary costs that are being incurred by the institution thus taking corrective actions for the same. Through the estimation of the incremental budgeting we can assess as to the implementation of the same is required or not thereby suggesting other budgetary procedure which may or may not be implemented by the institution based on the present circumstances. The University of Newland has therefore adopted measures through the mode of financial tools like return on capital employed, incremental budgeting, standard costing and various other cost restricting tools in order to increase the profit margin of the organisation. These tools would also help them in setting a probable standard for themselves so that any deviation from the same could be anticipated beforehand. Dealing with Performance Indication From the given data related to the project of Management accounting we can observe that few performance tools have been used as in the separate subject department is considered to be an investment centre. Return on investment is one of the main tools for calculation of the various investment centres mentioned in the paper. The total income earned by the institution is 185mn pound which also gives us the estimation of the capital employed or to be employed by the organisation (Mowen, 2011, p.554). However, the targeted return of 7% on capital employed is the return to be generated from the operations of the institution. The assets here have to be forecasted in order to bring a change in the operating cost so much so that the target could be easily achieved. If higher productivity is achieved with lower manpower so that the cost of labour can be saved; this in turn will be the major factor behind building the base for the return of the capital employed. As the pay rates will rise over the time span, labour hour saving will help in the generation of positive return on capital employed. It is calculated as: ROC E= Net Operating income after tax (Morrell, 2001, p.131) Capital Employed Here investment centre means the responsibility that is designated to the manager for executing the responsibility of managing cost and revenue of the organisation. They are responsible for generating income and executing responsibility related to investment base (Drury, 2007, p.396). The responsibility centre has three sub heads namely, cost centre, profit centre and investment centre. The measurement of the performance in the cost centre depicts the efficiency of operation in quantitative terms of inputs used for the production of the given output. From the word profit we can understand the difference between the expenditure made of acquiring the input and the income generated from output of the organisation. Hence it is quite possible to derive both the effectiveness and the efficiency from the profit centre. On the other hand, the possibility or scope of a probable investment opportunity gives rise to an i nvestment cen

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Dangers of Drinking and Driving for Teens

Dangers of Drinking and Driving for Teens America is a wonderful place where anyone can travel to have a nice vacation, but they can not do that safely if someone is drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can prevent many accidents while causing someone their life. Driving is an everyday routine for many people in the United States but driving while being intoxicated is becoming a fatal routine. Teenagers are typically inexperienced drivers when they get their first drivers license. Adults are more experienced drivers while being intoxicated but teenagers are more accurate of crashing while being intoxicated. The article Crash types; Markers of Increased. identifies, alcohol-related crash types for which teen drivers were at a greater risk compared with adults. This proves to teens that drinking and driving is a dangerous situation because it can cause serious injury or death. Decreasing the problem of drinking and driving for teenagers would decrease the death of lives. Most car accidents happen because of drunk drivers. If teens drink any type of alcohol it extends the risk of them putting their own selves in danger. According to the article Teens Drinking and Driving Less, Teens were responsible for approximately two point four million episodes of drinking and driving in a month in 2011. This proves that teens take an action of being irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving. According to the authors (Beck, Shattuck, and Raleigh), The need to increase parents capacity to impose and enforce driving restrictions on provisionally licensed teen drivers is indicated. To prevent any type of car fatal crashes due with teens is that parents need to be involved and make rules when their child is driving on the road. Teenagers are not always mature enough to make their own decisions thats why parents need to be involved with their childs driving style. Parents who look out for their child are good parents because they need to get involved with their driving skills. Parents have the right to know where their child is at all times and the teenager needs to know what their parents expects from them. According to the article (Relation of Parent- Teen) it states, To determine the relations among parent-teen discordance for restrictions on driving conditions, driving rules, and consequences for rule violations at licensure and subsequent risky teen driving. This is the reason why teenagers should take a big responsibility while driving especially when they have a passenger in the seat. Parents who influence their child about having a safe strategy to drive will reduce teen car crash rates. Drinking and driving is not the right decision to make the consequences that come with it is not worth it. Killing innocent lives and injuring them as well will put others in a situation that they dont want to be in. People are allowed to drink but its always safer to have a designated driver to drive them home. To prevent drinking and driving everyone needs to let the world know the outcome behind it and how its a bad decisions. Teenagers can be very stubborn about this subject but its for their own good to get educated about it. It an issue for teenagers to drinking and drive because their reaction on the road at the moment is lowered and a greater risk of them getting into an accident. Knowing on how to save peoples lives and also not endangering them would bring a good awareness towards others. They dont really understand the hazards of drinking and driving as they consider themselves being untouchable to the society. Most minors may not think they are the only ones that get affected by being intoxicated while driving but the person who gave it to them or sold it gets in trouble as well. Each single harm or death caused by drinking and driving can be completely avoidable. The possibility of a teen driver being involved in a fatal crash rises significantly with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of zero point five percent and even more rapidly after zero point eight percent. People need to be aware of what alcohol can cause and do to others. Its not only teenagers who have a problem with drinking and driving but alcohol affects a persons thought of train which likely makes them to make bad decisions, such as seating behind a wheel. There are several crowds out there to prevent this problem of drinking and driving. The two crowds are called M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and S.A.D.D.s (Students Against Destructive Decisions). According to the authors (Loewit-Phillips, Patricia Melody) they state So effective has this organization been, that it is estimated that 94% of all Americans recognize MADDs name and are familiar with its purpose of changing national attitudes concerning driving while impaired or intoxicated This proves that the program influenced many people lives about drinking and driving. Most mothers care for their childs safety as the regards of driving sober or not. Taking this information from experienced drivers will impact anyones live if they accept it? In addition to that drinking and driving should not be allowed and everyone should be responsible and take careful actions upon themselves. Especially when you can put your own life in danger as well as others. Therefore, if someone drinks have a designated driver to prevent them to cause in accident. The main consequence that can go on someones record can be by drinking and driving is driving under the Influence (DUI). So everyone should be well educated enough to prevent not to have any type of alcohol related charges on them. In conclusion, drinking and driving is still a problem amongst teenagers which needs to be dealt with it now and in the future. Work Cited Beck, KH, T Shattuck, and R Raleigh. Parental Predictors Of Teen Driving Risk. American Journal Of Health Behavior 25.1 (2001): 10-20. CINAHL Complete. Web. 9 Feb. 2017. Beck, KH, JL Hartos, and BG Simons-Morton. Relation Of Parent-Teen Agreement On Restrictions To Teen Risky Driving Over 9 Months. American Journal Of Health Behavior 30.5 (2006): 533-543. CINAHL Complete. Web. 9 Feb. 2017. Bingham, CR, et al. Crash Types: Markers Of Increased Risk Of Alcohol-Involved Crashes Among Teen Drivers. Journal Of Studies On Alcohol Drugs 70.4 (2009): 528-535. CINAHL Complete. Web. 9 Feb. 2017. Teens Drinking And Driving Less. American Nurse 44.6 (2012): 7. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Feb. 2017. Loewit-Phillips, Patricia Melody, and Abbie Goldbas. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): History And Impact. International Journal Of Childbirth Education 28.4 (2013): 62-67. CINAHL Complete. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

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Free Essays - Comparing Young Goodman Brown and Soldier’s Home :: comparison compare contrast essays

Young Goodman Brown:   Going Home    My home is my haven and the place that I feel the safest and most comfortable at. It is where many good memories and feelings arise and I am able to be myself with no false pretenses. It is my â€Å"Home Sweet Home† yet the stories â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and â€Å"Soldier’s Home,† by Ernest Hemingway show a different attitude about home going and the effects it has on the main characters.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Hawthorne’s story, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† Goodman Brown ventures on a journey into the forest and refuses the temptations of the devil. Unfortunately though, throughout the night, Brown finds out more than he ever wanted to know about how his fellow Puritan townsmen, including his wife, have betrayed their faith by giving into their dark desires. In utter despair, Goodman Brown returns at dawn to his Salem village â€Å"staring around him like a bewildered man.† (Hawthorne, pg.275) He doesn’t believe it is the same place as it was the night before and he no longer feels at home. Whether his experiences were real or not, his faith is gone and he feels as though he is the only pure one. He suffers tremendous guilt and discomfort and trusts no one. His excessive pride is evident when he takes a child away from a blessing given by Goody Cloyse, his former catechism teacher, as if he were taking the child â⠂¬Å"from the fiend himself.† (Hawthorne, pg.276) His distrust and resentment towards his townsmen is apparent when he sees his wife, Faith. She is overwhelmed with joy to see him arrive home yet he looked â€Å"sternly and sadly into her face and passed on without a greeting.† (Hawthorne, pg.276) All that he learned in the night was too much for him, and it changed a devoted husband with bright hopes and a wife whom he loved, to a tired, beaten, questioning and almost faithless man.       Harold Krebs in Hemingway’s â€Å"Soldier’s Home,† returns from World War I to a society that he no longer feels a part of and receives no welcome for his heroic deeds. He resents being home which is largely due to the fact, that during the war he led a very simple lifestyle and upon returning home is thrust back into a complicated domestic life.   He tries to seek refuge by withdrawing from society and engages himself in individual activities.