Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Business Plan - Essay Example It will be registered on the Business Bureau as a partnership business. I and my partner will be both managing partners. We will hire few employees that will be assigned to deliver forecasted volume of orders. Our express dry cleaning service will cater customers on various services related to dry cleaning such as laundry and garment alteration that will be delivered door-to-door using a business van. Door-to-door delivery can attract more clients to use our service because it is more convenient to them. In the long run, we can attract more customers and get higher volume of orders. Competitors on the business location are currently providing one-stop services, so we have seen a great potential. Employees are our number one targeted customers for this express dry cleaning service. As per observation, employees are always in a hurry – unfinished paper works or urgent meetings. Next to our list are employers and self-employed individuals like working Mom and Dad on the comfort o f their living room. This people might have too much on their plates that they cannot able to dry clean their clothes and garments all by themselves – hence, they need us who can deliver a quality service in an express way. In addition, our customers have two options for payments – cash on delivery or monthly billing. ... Instead of just using our services once, they most likely will consider making us their regular express dry cleaning service provider because of the payment convenience. Quality is king. We believe on that, and we will never compromise quality with quantity. As an express dry cleaning service provider, we will ensure that our delivery will be always on the time frame. We also plan to provide extra services for our customers who exceed a certain amount of kilos per dry cleaning. We will also offer discounts to customers who can refer their family, friends, office mates or neighbors to our dry cleaning establishment. Providing a quality services together with exciting freebies like the referral program can attract more customers to use our service. Our top rated service will yield repeat orders in higher volume, more referral, and customer patronage in the long run! We will stand strong with our goal to over deliver and give a guarantee to customer satisfaction. More so, our sales fore cast over the first year is ? 40,680 and we believe that it will increase in the next business years. Our projection of the net profit for the first year is good enough to continue operation, and we expect the same and much better projection in the coming years to come. The Reason to Open the Business in London As stated above, working individuals are in a hurry every single business day. Urban dwellers are working to thrive. People come and go from their homes to their respective offices or work places to perform various job assignments and 24/7 has become too short for them to do household chores like dry cleaning. There is a huge market potential for our express dry cleaning service, and our feasibility

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