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Construction projects are as much about people as they are about Essay

Construction projects are as much about people as they are about technical undertakings - Essay Example Thus to properly meet the expectations and aspirations of the different stakeholder groups the project contractor must see that the project gets duly completed on a timely basis. Further the contractor must also see that the investment rendered by the different stakeholders for the effective completion of the project activity is duly addressed by generating effective returns. The contractor thereby is required to plan in adequate manner different strategies that would help in reducing the cost of the project side-by-side working to enhance the quality paradigm for the same. Working on the above manner would help the project manager and the contractor in generating adequate revenues for the different stakeholders. The project concerning construction activities also tends to render huge impact on the natural environment in the adjoining areas. Thus the paper in this regard focuses on the formulation of different strategies on behalf of the contractor that would help in gaining required solutions to the aforesaid issues (Chinyio, 2010, p.128-131). Construction Projects and Time Management Effective time management is required to be conducted for the completion of the large scale construction projects in due time. ... This procedure focuses on the estimation and monitoring of the time spent by each of the different persons involved in such project activity. This specific monitoring in regards to the time required for the construction projects thus helps in closing the deviations from the total estimated time made for the total project to complete. However the estimated time required for the completion of the total construction project does not consider the random happening of events natural or otherwise that tend to render obstruction to the ideal completion of the project. Thus an important consideration is held in this case that no abnormal events rise during the project tenure that in turn would tend to enhance the time required for the completion of the project. Uncertainty of occurrences in regards to the construction project can be accounted also in the form of contingencies. The contingencies can thereby be accounted using separate techniques like PERT. Though the technique persists for the accounting of contingencies yet it is found for a number of cases like outbreak of fire or natural calamities the same system of contingency accountability fails to render the correct result. Thus an adjustment is maintained in the form of contingencies wherein the time set is added to the normal time held for the project to get completed. Again especially in cases of construction projects it is found that the entire project activity gets dismantled owing to disturbing weather conditions. Thus the time management and setting of allowances and allocations need to be maintained on that basis. Construction projects carried out in highways become greatly affected owing to such disturbing conditions that in turn enhance the time required for

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